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Ideas for Water Conservation


Don't flush your toilet for every little spider or piece of garbage.



Shower faster, flush less.



Save water in the fridge and wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.



Don't over water your lawns and plants.



Don't put spiders down the toilet because when it is squished it is dead. Put it in the garbage can.



You can take a short shower instead of a half an hour.



If you don't drink all your water put it in the fridge.



Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.



Don't Wash Water Away

By: Rachael Bawden
Butler Elementary 4th Grade
Mrs. Larsen

Saving water is easy to do,
If you do it right you will be a perfecinal too.

1. Don't let the water run,
while you're playing in the sun.
2. Don't let the water drip,
when you're looking for a sip.
3. When you use water for sprinklin,
make sure the stars are twinklin.
4. When your flowers need a spray,
remember don't hit the driveway.
5. Take a short shower not a tub,
when you need to rub-a-dub-dub.

Those were some rules
as easy as can be.
Follow then closely and
you'll be an expert just like me!