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Try one of these simple experiments


Put a penny on a piece of paper. With a plastic dropper or a toothpick, place a single drop on the penny. Predict how many more drops will fit on the penny before the water spills off the penny onto the paper. Now add one drop at a time until the water overflows. How many drops did it take?




Pour enough water into a flat-bottomed bowl to cover the bottom. Fill a small jar with sand and place it in the bowl. Loosely cover the top of the bowl with plastic wrap. Secure with a rubber band. Place a small rock on top of the plastic, directly over the jar. Place the bowl in direct sunlight or under a lamp. After one hour observe the bowl and plastic wrap. What do you see? Where did it come from?





Fill a glass with ice and water, being very careful not to spill any water. Set the glass aside for 5 minutes. Observe the outside of the glass and the surface that it is sitting on. What do you see? Where did it come from?