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Where is most water found on Earth?
A) in oceans
B) in rivers
C) in lakes
D) in glaciers
Which of the following is an example of condensation occurring in the water cycle?
A) clouds or dew forming
B) ocean water changing to water vapor
C) water flowing down a river
D) underground water soaked into rocks
Which would be most helpful to farmers?
A) rainfall that runs off the land quickly
B) rainfall that evaporates quickly
C) rainfall that soaks into the soil slowly
D) very little rainfall
What source of energy evaporates the most water from Earth's surface?
A) lightning
B) volcanoes
C) wind
D) the sun
What controls whether water is a gas, liquid or solid ice?
A) if it is being used for anything
B) what cup it is in
C) how long it has been in a place
D) what it's temperature is
How does water vapor in the air return to Earth?
A) it sticks to any surface it comes in contact with
B) it evaporates and is blown by the wind
C) it evaporates and forms clouds
D) it condenses then precipitates as rain